Frequently Asked Question
About using TOX Ampoule


Frequently Asked Question
About using TOX Ampoule


1. Can it be used on neck wrinkles?

No. It is not recommended to use on the neck wrinkles area. Areas other than the face, such as the neck and back of the hands, have different skin thickness and skin structure, so you may experience skin irritation, itching, and discomfort.
※ Be sure to use the TOX Ampoule only on your face.

2. Can I use one TOX Ampoule twice or multiple uses?

Yes. Meso-Care(1.8g) is the recommended amount for one use, so please use one Meso-Care at a time, only once a week.
※ You will feel a tingling sensation.

3. Can I apply basic makeup or color makeup the next morning?

Yes. You may feel a tingling sensation the next morning after using Meso-Care. Avoid skin massage or beauty equipment use.

4. Minor Pain(Stinging)

As the Microspear® is absorbed into the skin, you may feel a tingling micro-stimulation.
※ You may feel the tingling sensation when washing your face the next morning

5. Rendess/Itchiness

In the process of Microspear® with a fine structure being absorbed into the skin, old dead skin cells may be removed depending on the individual. During the exfoliation process, you may temporarily experience slight itching, warmth, and redness.

6. Formation of dead skin cell

As the old dead skin cells are exfoliated, very thin dead skin cells may be generated after 3 days depending on the skin type(There are individual differences).

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