Information on the possibility of using alternative dispute resolution for consumer disputes

According to the possibility of appealing the alternative dispute resolution in terms of consumption, it is an arbitration judgment, which cannot be appealed for not agreeing with its content, according to the Spanish Arbitration Law. In any case, the correction, clarification, complement or rectification of the award may be requested within the first 10 days following the notification of the verdict.

On the other hand, an annulment action may be brought against a final award provided that it is alleged or proven:

– That the arbitration agreement does not exist or is not valid.

– That they have not been duly notified of the appointment of an arbitrator or of the arbitration proceedings or have not been able, for any other reason, to assert their rights.

– That the arbitrators have resolved on issues not subject to their decision.

– That the appointment of the arbitrators or the arbitration procedure have not been adjusted to the agreement between the parties, unless said agreement is contrary to a mandatory norm of this Law, or, in the absence of said agreement, that they have not been adjusted to this law.

– That the arbitrators have resolved matters not subject to arbitration.

– That the judgment is contrary to public order.

This action must be brought within two months from the notification of the judgment.

When appropriate, review may also be requested in accordance with the provisions of the LEC for final judgments